Rezept des Monats : Spargeltörtchen und Riesling

Ingredients for 8 pieces

1 pack (full) puff pastry
10 pcs green asparagus
1 egg
Olive oil
Flake salt
60 grams white mold cheese (ex brie de meaux)
50 grams cream cheese

Heat the oven to the specified temperature. 
Drizzle olive oil and honey in 8 “squares” on a baking sheet. 
Cut the asparagus into 10cm pieces, then split each asparagus lengthwise. 
Place 5 pieces of asparagus on the oil and honey. 
Cut the puff pastry into 8 equal rectangles and place on top of the asparagus and press the edges with a fork. 
Brush the puff pastry with a beaten egg and bake in the oven until golden, about 7-8 minutes. 
Whisk together the room-temperature cheese with the cream cheese, season with salt and pepper.
Serve the small tartlets with a dollop of the cream cheese! Wonderful combination !

Pairing with Riesling – Henriettas comment:
The caramelized honey pairs extra well with the peachy tones in the wine. The butteryness from the puff pastry and the minerals from the asparagus brings out the gooseberry notes and together with the sharp taste of the cheese it lingers nicely on the tongue.