About us


Our family has been growing wine since the 17th century, and the small business and the knowledge of wine have been passed down from generation to generation – according to genealogical research, from the Lords of Paradise.
In 1985, my parents gave me a small vineyard measuring 1700 m², and this cemented my passion for winemaking: after helping in the vineyards from a very early age, I began to replant and cultivate this area. In the following years, I bought vineyards, set up a press house and wine cellar, and created the necessary framework for economical and yet environmentally friendly quality wine production. At the end of 2006, I decided to concentrate fully on winemaking and to expand it further. 

It is a passion, requires love, hard work, patience, and has always been my hobby.
This passion has also infected Barbara and today we manage almost 3 hectares together – a small but very select, carefully managed wine production.
Since the 2013 vintage, the company has been a certified organic company, something we are very proud of, not only for the sake of the environment, but also out of complete conviction. In 2014 we harvested the first resistant varieties, which we are continuously developing, because for us the future lies in the PIWI varieties. Our Johanniter and Cabernet Cortis have already received international gold awards several times, as has our new variety Bianca. The Cabernet Cortis, which is entering its eighth vintage this year, is an excellent red wine. In addition to the Blütenmuskateller, a Rösler has also been added this year and other varieties have already been planted.